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SkinStudio Tutorial by Vampothika
24 Replies
How to Customize Windows 10
3 Replies
Tips for Uploading and Moderation
23 Replies
WinCustomize Upload Guide
17 Replies
Tutorial List for Stardock Apps
1 Replies
Wincustomize Download Guide
44 Replies
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ObjectDock tabs UI covering up settings window
9 Replies
help with new computer
2 Replies
Difference behavior between Windows 10 and Windows 11 Fences Appear as folders in Windows 10 but not Windows 11
1 Replies
DeskScapes 10 - using vertical oriented videos on vertical oriented monitor
13 Replies
New Purchase....Looks like a faulty install
34 Replies
title bar size
6 Replies
One of my fences disappeared while dragging from one monitor to another. Now I can't find it. I don't use multiple desktops and my other fences are visible.
1 Replies
shortcuts arent going to the right fence
18 Replies
LightStar Design Windowblinds Themes
617 Replies
Images upside down or rotated
9 Replies
win update destroys stardock
1 Replies
ObjectDock 3 Release Feedback Thread
84 Replies
What has become of lifetime licenses?
7 Replies
Remove IconDeveloper association to dll files
1 Replies
Upgrade then go back to 4?
11 Replies
Fences 5.59 Beta Feedback Thread
19 Replies
Crash: Fences has detected that Explorer was not closed properly
24 Replies
why my objectdock always start with setting and some other things
5 Replies
Transparency not working?
3 Replies
WindowBlinds 11 and Whatsapp call issue
4 Replies
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