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Compatibility issue with an app?
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WindowBlinds Release Issue Report Thread
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Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
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WindowBlinds Changelog
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WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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Use WindowBlinds for Titlebar Frame Only (No tweaking the Taskbar or Start Menu)
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WindowBlinds Updated - but it keeps telling me to update again
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Best Browser
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WB and Edge Save As
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WindowBlinds flashes on the screen for fraction of a second, then disappears
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WindowBlinds won't load
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How to safely try new skin
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Latest non Beta WB 10.89 and show hidden icons button cut in half.
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Why skin not shows as advertised?
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WindowBlinds Beta Issue Report Thread
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How do I stop these annoying WindowBlinds Update pop-ups?
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Need Help with POP-UPs not skinning properly
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Cannot DL Skin I purchased
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Missing Essorant skins
13 Replies
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Transparency & Blur Behind in Windows Explorer with WindowBlinds 10? [Feature Request]
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Insert Username On Start Menu?
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apply accent color to backrounds (will not stay ticked even after applying the setting)
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How to make windowblinds leave the taskbar and start menu alone?
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