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WindowBlinds Release Issue Report Thread
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Compatibility issue with an app?
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Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
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WindowBlinds Changelog
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WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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WindowBlinds 11 planning
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WindowBlinds in Windows 11 Explorer
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Windowblinds theme causing Firefox to darken webpages?
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Button question - one more time
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positioning the windows at a certain angle ?
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Need it to only work on one application
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Bug Issue with WM_SETICON message
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obect desktop
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Where did it go?
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Windows 11 Issue
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Bug report: WindowBlinds 10 prevents Cyberpunk 2077 game startup
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WindowBlinds on Win10 "does not appear to be installed correctly" right after install
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How to properly exclude UWP apps
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Windows 11 and Microsoft Edge
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Problems with some dialog boxes
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Stardock WindowBlinds: Skins and Themes
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Smart recolouring recolours the titlebar only
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Example of a high DPI skin?
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Rollup/down window not working in Default Theme
6 Replies
Skinstudio/Windowblinds Issues on specific graphic elemnts
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