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WindowBlinds Release Issue Report Thread
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Compatibility issue with an app?
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Advice to skin authors with regards to the startmenu
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WindowBlinds Changelog
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WindowBlinds Support FAQ
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StartIsBack Start Menu and Taskbar glitches
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credit card being rejected again
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Black boxes instead of buttons on scroll bars?
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WindowBlinds 10 and Brave Browser - a custom skin issue
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WindowBlinds 11 planning
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startisback + windowblinds = annoying error
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Compatible yet Win 11
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Often get two or more windows shown as active
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Issue with windowsblinds
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skin studio
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skin studio
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License for Legacy WindowBlinds for 32-bit Windows XP
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ChristmasTime Theme - on Windows 10
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Cannot Update WindowBlinds
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windows 11
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Why theme isn't applied on cards in taskbar? (WindowBlinds) (Win10)
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Is there any way to disable taskbar skinning in WindowBlinds?
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Stardock WindowBlinds: Skins and Themes
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