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January 2022 Desktop Screenshots
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Pricing of premium content.
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ATTENTION SKINNERS: New Skin Preview Recommendations
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A Note About Uploading and Permissions
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Can't download even though I've reupped my Object Desktop and bought masterskins
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BLU -Done
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Windows 11 - Not For Me...
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I was looking at my Profile.....
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Alien Wear -NEW Blind
3 Replies
My Last News Post for WinCustomize....
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Cannot download any skins from site without suscription
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Master Skin Approvals
16 Replies
Post your favorite youtube clips!
786 Replies
Now Available: Start11 v1.1 - Enhances Windows 11/10 Menu Styles with Folders and More
6 Replies
Start11 v1.1 Enters Beta
13 Replies
Congrats to WC's Newest Journeyman Members!
26 Replies
Feeling Rather Sad Right Now
17 Replies
Ukraine threat
5 Replies
Sidney Poitier, trailblazing Hollywood icon who broke barriers for Black actors, dies at 94
7 Replies
zipped files
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Dark Rogue
3 Replies
Additional replies would exceed the limit for new accounts.
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
9 Replies
Blogroll not updating or deleting
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