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Curtains 1.19.1 Issue Report Thread
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Curtains Community Translations
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Curtains Support FAQ
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Curtains Changelog
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Curtains for Windows 11 beta possible release date.
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Mystery History
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Curtains and MS Office
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Love A Preset Style
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Curtains from steam
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I love Curtains
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taskbar buttons don't look quite right
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Curtains no longer skins Microsoft Edge Beta
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Windows 10 search bar
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Midnight Theme and MS Edge
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WB and Curtains - Activation Limit.
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Recent version not compatible with Win11
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Round edge doesn't work, only theme is changing.
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What's the difference between the new "Curtains" and "Window Blinds"?
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Themes not working
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Support Firefox please
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Settings are not saving in 1.19.1
5 Replies
Change theme from the command prompt
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Another part of the system not working!
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